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Beaulitful Con is an all weekend event, while Monday we have our workshop & shopping, Saturday & Sunday will be set aside for meetups. As women trying to achieve our career goals, we feel it's very helpful to have friends who understand and can support each other.  Our team views this weekend as an opportunity to create friendships and network with other people in our industries, and we designed our meet-ups to aide in getting to know each other.  All attendees are invited to the meet-ups, and you're welcome to invite a guest as well.  

If you have any questions about attending the meet-ups or sponsoring any of the events, you can email us at bealitfulcon@appraisingpages.com 



Saturday at 10 am we will be holding a small meet up and hiking "A" mountain. If you are not available or do not wish to participate in the hike, we will be meeting at the Starbucks right down the street afterward.













Sunday we will be having a meet and greet, kick off event with BookSparks! This kickoff event is 7 miles away from the event space that we are having Beaulitfulcon 2019 at so if you are staying close to the event space it will be around a 10-15 minute drive! If you are not planning on getting a rental car, we recommend Uber'ing or Lyft'ing there! You could even carpool there to save money and get to know new friends!

The Kickoff Event Address: 1018 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Event time: 3pm-6pm on January 20th