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Featured Beaulitful Con Shops

Our 2019 shops 

Ink & Wonder 


Ink & Wonder was established in 2016 on the Gold Coast, Australia and produces a variety of bookish gifts and merchandise. As the home of the original Woodmarks, they sell 100% sustainable and ethically sourced wooden bookmarks of various species, featuring original artworks inspired by their favorite fandoms and literature. Ink & Wonder's distinct style of artwork is also available in their other product lines; Eco-Friendly Tote Bags, Enamel Pins, Key Chains and Art Prints.

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Novelly Yours

Novelly Yours Candles brings the fragrances of books to life with scented all-natural soy candles for bookworms. The shop features a variety of book-themed candles with inspirations from beloved characters, scenes, settings, and even generally bookish concepts popular within the reading community! Novelly Yours is based out of the suburbs of Chicago, run and managed by shop owner and creator Brittany Smith. 

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Chick Lit Designs


Inspired by colors, patterns and books.  We want our customers to feel as though they are receiving a nostalgic piece of art, combining fashion with Literature and Technology.  The products are such an amazing fashion statement- bridging the gap between "Brains and Beauty".  
Recreating your favorite books into phone, iPad cases, and Messenger Bags.  Combining Fashion with Literature and Technology.

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LitJoy Crate 

LitJoy Crate is a book box subscription company with Young Adult book crates, Middle Grade book crates, and Specialty Fandom crates. We also sell a whole lot of rad bookish items! The goal of LitJoy is to celebrate the JOY of reading. From perfectly crafted book box experiences to taking a bath with our Edward bath bomb, the LitJoy shop offers carefully curated items that bring a smile to those who love reading!

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Dust and Pages

Dust and Pages is a literary brand that caters to only the most devoted book worm. Whether you need a stylish pin to covertly show your love of a series or something to adorn your bookshelves, we probably have it. Everything we create is crafted with high quality materials, fangirl hearts, lots of love, and a little magic.

At BeaulitfulCon 2019 Dust and Pages will be selling enamel pins and other mysteries!

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Enchanted Fandom

Enchanted Fandom was created by Jess, your everyday Fan-Girl. She started out crafting handmade items, such as mugs, wine glasses and socks based on some of her favorite fandoms. Her items have been featured in multiple articles such as Buzzfeed, The Berry, and The Huffington Post. The items she made were a bit different and she soon realized there were a lot of fun fandoms being left out of the craft world.

She decided she couldn’t be the only one missing out on so many

fandoms, so she launched her first exclusive box in April of 2017 which sold out in 30 mins. It was then that Enchanted Fandom was born.

The idea was to have a place to include all fandoms in a box. There are so many different fandoms and some seemed to overshadow others which leaves a lot left behind. In the Enchanted Fandom box, you can expect to find fandoms from all different genres. This includes movies, books, TV, and pop culture; giving way to the motto: NO FANDOM LEFT

BEHIND.Being a handmade crafter for so long, Jess wanted to make a place to support other small businesses. Each box features items from at least 5 small businesses each month. While making her dreams come true, she hopes to help other small businesses in the process.

So, make your way down that Yellow Brick Road. Travel through time and space in your favorite TARDIS. Do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Grab your Floo Powder and find your nearest fireplace. Call on your fiercest dragon and become an Enchanted Fandom Fan.

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Hey Atlas Creative

Started by Cade Roach in 2017, Hey Atlas is a bookish shop filled with bright, colorful, and inspiring photography featuring equally inspiring quotes from everyone’s favorite books and fandoms. Products include bookmarks, vinyl stickers, art prints, journals, pins, calendars and beanies. Hey Atlas products have been featured in all of the top bookish subscription boxes like OwlCrate, The Bookish Box, Illumicrate, and more. However, Cade's true passion lies in “Creating Good." Each month, they design a limited edition bookmark where ALL proceeds go directly to a non-profit. Hey Atlas is also a full-service creative studio that specializes in everything from custom illustration and branding, to both print and web design. 

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Latherati Bio:

My name is Julie Grogan and I am the owner/designer behind the brand, Latherati. I create custom-blended, book-inspired fragrances. The product lineup currently includes perfume, soap, lotion, beard oil/balm, soy wax melts and milk soaking salts. I try to capture the feel of a book with blends that will transport you to the settings of your favorite books, like the moors of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, the farms of Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth or the Isle of Sky in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. It’s a literary scent journey for book lovers.

Latherati originally launched on etsy in 2009 as Latherati Soap Foundry. Shows such as the Bust Craftacular and NY regional shows found fans among the literary minded. Latherati was also featured in the book The Art of Soap by Debbie Chialtas. Closing the doors in December of 2011, my life wandered down another path but I dearly missed my shop, my customers, my dream.

In the years that followed, I received many emails telling me Latherati was very much missed and wondering when it would return. One message truly inspired me. A

customer wore a Latherati fragrance on a first date with a man who would later become her husband. The bottle was almost depleted and she was savoring what was left. For her, that fragrance was strongly attached to that event, her first date. Scent memory, it’s

called. I kept that story in my head and I dreamed of a Latherati relaunch. Latherati relaunched in August 2017 with the original etsy shop and in October 2017

with an independent website. Many original fragrances made a return and the scent library keeps growing to include new fragrances, new books and new products. I have a passion for reading and creating fragrance blends and want to share that with you.

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RedInk and Paper

RedInk and Paper is a small stationery shop based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We carry a wide variety of stationery products from some of our favorite stationery brands and supported artists. We recently expanded into book base stationery products and we can’t wait to bring such amazing stories into the products we carry.

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Riddle's Tea Shoppe

Bringing fiction to life through delicious flavors, Riddle’s Tea Shoppe has concocted magical tea blends based on beloved stories since 2015. With imagination at the helm, they specialize in looseleaf samples, deluxe tea tins, and a wide array of collectible products with a special focus on art and design. In their newest endeavor, two dueling quarterly tea boxes--The Auror Tea Society and Death Eaters Tea Club—a story unfolds through a seasonal curation of tea and other products. 


At Beaulitful Con, Riddle's Tea Shoppe will be selling a delectable selection of fandom teas and other bookish merchandise!



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Whiskey Diamond Candle Co.

Whiskey Diamond Candle was originally born out out of my idea to create a company to honor all women and tie in 2 different sides that I believe all of us women have. The “Whiskey” symbolizes the powerful, confident, wild side and the “Diamond” is symbolic for the classy, sexy side that likes to shine bright! I wanted this company to capture all the beautiful fragrances in this world but focusing mainly on my love for literature, reading and all things bookish. My main focus in creating candles, is to provide you with candles that are uniquely creative and (hopefully) can’t find anywhere else!

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Book Beau

Book Beau is the original padded book sleeve. It protects your books for the perils of your purse, tote or backpack. Book Beau also offers padded cosmetic bags, super soft and comfy reading pillows along with a bunch other exciting products to come. Collaborating with The Bookish Box is our favorite past time! Follow the BB journey on Instagram, @bookbeau.

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The Bookish Box & Shop

Designed for the trendy geek, we feature apparel, accessories and home goods in our shop. We are the original bookish one-time box & our monthly subscription, The Bookish Box.

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it's art for the reading home.

it's happy colours favourite classic stories, and lots of adventurous details.

it's a way to expand your shoe collection without running out of closet space.


inspired by faerie tales, books, and plays (er, musicals), each piece of the faerie tale feet series is an original gouache (vibrant, opaque watercolour) painting that harkens back to the original source material.  every background is embellished with icons from the inspiring tale-- there always seems to be more to see!


and why feet?

you can tell a lot about a person by his or her posture.

and you can tell a lot about a character by his or her shoes.

i've painted just the feet in this series so that you can step into the adventure for yourself.


i look forward to meeting (& shopping!) with you at beaulitfulcon where i'll have my luxe faerie tale feet bookmarks, some limited edition signed reproductions, and even my new night circus valentines with me!

Owl Crate is a subscription box service delivering you the very best Young Adult Novels every month! Every box includes an autographed hardcover novel, as well as 5-6 high quality bookish keepsakes to help set the mood for your literary adventure. OwlCrate works with many incredible small businesses and artists to make each box extra special and unique. We also have a box for readers age 8-12 as well, called OwlCrate Jr.

While they won't be selling this year, they will have a table at beaulitfulcon 2019 to meet them and you will be receiving an item from them in your swag bag!